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Our subscriptions are designed to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Candace can help you play!

“I can help you play in 10 lessons!”

Candace, our ukulele instructor gives all our sessions. Sessions are mostly communicated in english. Candace relocated to Amsterdam in 2010, moving from her home town of Hollywood in Florida. She has been teaching children and adults to play a variety of instruments for more than thirty years in the USA.

Step 1 – Buy a Card

This card entitles you to ten Sesson credits.
A group session costs one credit. A private or Skype session costs two credits.


150.00Add to cart

Step 2 – Lesson options

You can mix session types. For instance, a complete beginner might find in useful to take a single private session before joining our group sessions. . Click below for times and info ->

  • Private sessions

    • Monday:
      12:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00
    • Tuesday:
    • Thursday:
      11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 18:00
    • Friday:
    • Saturday:

  • Group Sessions

    • Beginners:
      • Monday 13:00
      • Tuesday 19:00
      • Thursday 19:00
      • Friday 13:00
    • Next-Level:
      • Tuesday 20:00
      • Thursday 20:00

  • Skype sessions

    Skype sessions cost two credits and can be scheduled for any of our private lesson times.
  • Kids sessions

    We also teach children. Book any private lesson time for children.
  • Buddy sessions

    You can bring your buddies along to your session if you wish! The cost is one credit per person..
  • Parties and events

    Parties, weddings, team building – Contact us for a unique experience!

Step 3 – Reserve!

We have a simple online reservation system.

  • Choose your session type
  • Browse the calendar to find a suitable time
  • Enter your email address and you are booked!

Ready to book?

 * Card is valid for one year and non-refundable / non-transferable.
All times quoted are the starting time. Lessons last for approximately one hour. Group lessons have a maximum of six persons.

Want to know more?

We offer various ways to help you learn to play ukulele. Most people are capable of learning, even if this is your first musical instrument. Read below for more details.

skypeLooking for a team building exercise for your employees? Birthday or wedding party? We can come to your event and teach your guests to play in a couple of hours! It is also possible to have lessons via Skype. Please contact us for more information.

Most of our sessions are held in the beautiful surroundings of the Uke Boutique in Amsterdam's Jordaan area.
A single one-hour private lesson costs €40 (suitable for tourists and visitors). For massive savings buy our 10 x strippenkaart, this reduces the price of lessons to €27 for a private lesson or only €13.50 for a 1 hour group session!

Ukulele Beginnings Group:

This group session (maximum of 6 players) is aimed at adult beginners and is scheduled at four different times during the week. All four times are continuous enrollment and you can jump in at any time. They take place in the Uke Boutique. You buy a Strippenkaart for €150 which entitles you to TEN group Sessions. You have a year to use the card, so it is not a problem if you would have trouble attending every week.

This course will enable you to carry on learning afterwards at your own pace, from books and online resources with good foundations in place.

Ukulele Next-level Group:

This group Session is aimed at players who have advanced past our Uke Beginnings group and wish to further their learning and continue to play as an Orchestra. Held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 8-9pm in the store 🙂

Private Lessons

Private Sessions are available at the times listed below. They are available to adults or children. A private Session costs 2 credits from your card. It is also possible to buy just a single private Session - that costs €40. Our subscription Strippenkaart offers a massive saving! The price with a card is only €27 per private Session!!

Online Reservations

Due to an increase in demand for our Sessions, we have introduced an online reservation system. This allows you to reserve your place in our group lessons or book private lessons at your preferred time. It only takes a few clicks to reserve! There is a video below showing how easy it is.

Summary of Lesson Schedules

All lesson are approximately one hour in duration.
Beginnings Group
Next-level Group
Private Sessions
Monday 13:00 Tuesday 20:00 Monday 12:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00
Tuesday 19:00 Thursday 20:00 Tuesday 18:00
Thursday 19:00 Thursday 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 18:00
Friday 13:00 Friday 12:00
Saturday 11:00

How our subscription works..

sample-strippenkaartWe give you a strippenkaart with ten stars. The same card is good for private or group lessons. If you attend a group class, we cross off one star. If you attend a private class, we cross off two stars.

You do not have to attend every week, but we ask that you use your card within one year.

Price for a 10 x strippenkaart = €150.

  • You could come for 10 group sessions or 5 private sessions with your card.
  • You can also have a combination of group and private. For instance, two private and six group sessions, three private and four group etc.

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