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Lots of new things in stock!

We have had a large delivery of new stock. Leho ukuleles in most shapes and sizes, amplifiers and tuners from VOX and Korg. As we get time we will be highlighting and reviewing some of our favorite new products. Some products have already been added to our webshop. Stay tuned for the reviews! 😉

Orchestra Practice

Uke Boutique Mini Meets

Did you know we meet to play uke on Wednesday evenings at the Uke Boutique? It’s an ideal opportunity to meet and play with members of our ukulele club and orchestra.. We only have space for eight people, including the two hosts. This makes them intimate, relaxed get-togethers 🙂 As there are only six available […]


Learn to Uke!

We love to help people to learn to play ukulele.. Such is our commitment to musical education, we have extended our lesson hours and reduced our retail showroom hours at the Uke Boutique. We now have an average of about 4 hours lessons and 4 hours sales per working day. All people taking lessons  can […]

VOX Electric Ukulele

VOX Electric Ukulele

Check out these new ukuleles from VOX!! Anyone who has come across their Apache guitars will recognise the design. They are solid body, with a built in amplifier and speaker. They are powered from a 9v battery and come supplied with a VOX gig bag. These all-new ukulele versions only come in concert size. If […]


Ukulele Club Amsterdam!

We have been busy planning a new community ukulele venture – Ukulele Club Amsterdam! The Ukulele Orchestra of Amsterdam will become a component of the overall club. We hope this will encourage people of all playing abilities to feel comfortable in our community. People who join the club will also have the opportunity to join […]