Calling Bass Players & Percussionists!

ATTENTION Bass Players and Percussionists!
As music director of the Ukulele Orchestra of Amsterdam, I am recruiting for a designated percussionist or 2, & a Bass Player or 2. This is a UOA membership institution that meets every Thursday Night 20:00. With Strippenkaart Membership is E13,50 or E15 each time.
If you are a Bass player and would like to join the UOA and are interested in playing or purchasing a UBASS, I will be happy to get you the best deal I can for the instrument you choose. There are many models and I can help you decide which one is right for you.. In the meantime any Bass will do and we have an amp in the store for rehearsals.
Percussionists: Bongos/ Cajon primarily (I have those in the shop) Interested parties we can discuss depending on equipment that is suitable for us.

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