Learn to play ukulele!

These take place in the Uke Boutique . Each lesson lasts roughly one hour.
We can also offer private lessons by appointment.

How our subscription works..

We give you a card (strippenkaart) with ten stars. If you attend a group class, we cross off one star. If you attend a private class, we cross off two stars.

Price for a 10 x strippenkaart = €135.

You could come for 10 group classes or 5 private classes with a single card for €135.
You can also have a combination of group and private. For instance, two private and six group classes, three private and four group etc.

Buddy lesson – You can bring a friend with you!
You and a friend could come and have five group classes with the same card!

NOTE: The card is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Card is not transferrable.
Please call us or contact us for more information.

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