Kala UBASS Thumb Rest

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Kala UBASS Thumb Rest

  • Increases your playing comfort and pleasure and reduces playing fatigue.
  • The system uses three thumb rests that you can place exactly where you need them on your instrument to provide fixed reference points for your thumb.
  • You get greater playing accuracy and speed, and more versatility in the sounds you get from your bass!
  • Use one close to the bridge for an extra-bright “twangy” sound, the center one for your normal playing, and a third one close to the neck for an extra full sound.
  • Any of your thumb rests can be mounted anywhere on the instrument body that suits your playing style.
  • Specially developed adhesive holds them firmly in place even under heavy play.
  • Can be removed later without damage to your instrument’s finish


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Kala UBASS Thumb Rest
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