Risa Uke'Ellie Sunburst E'Ukulele

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UKL363SB:  Uke’Ellie-Soprano is an innovative electric ukulele. A small, compact and robust design with outstanding sound and playability up to the 19th fret and a scale length of 14.3” (363mm).

UKL432SB: Uke’Ellie Sunburst, Tenor, 20 frets and a scale length of 17” (432mm).

RISA Musical Instruments proudly presents a new electric ukulele concept. Uke’Ellie is almost as small as the Uke-Solid, but the body and headstock give a traditional ukulele look and feel. Uke’Ellie is easy to hold without a strap and easy to tune. Uke’Ellie combines the robustness of the Uke-Solid with the aesthetics of classical ukuleles. A solid body Nylon strung ukulele with a piezo pickup system allows silent practicing with an earphone-amp and stage performance without any annoying microphone feedback. Uke’Ellie has the standard length, but only half the depth and two third of the width of a standard ukulele. The compact design with the robust solid body makes Uke’Ellie the ideal travel instrument. The consistent design is based on ellipses. The shapes of body, headstock and bridge are all based on ellipses with the same diameter ratio of 6/11. Due to the symmetric design with side dots on both sides of the neck, Uke’Ellie can be played by right-handed and left-handed players.

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