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Whilst working on a small boat in Amsterdam I decided to buy a ukulele to take with me on a little holiday. I took it to Belgium and France and tried to figure out how to play the thing. I jammed with street performers, a French rapper, a beatboxer and many times during the trip, just enjoyed finding a quiet place to play alone. Then, when I returned to Amsterdam, I began writing songs. The songs came thick and fast, bubbling up from within and only three months after buying the ukulele I had an album completed. It’s name is ‘Tornado and the Bunker’ and it’s the first ever record from UK Alien. I’ve always felt a bit like an alien, maybe I am one! who knows!? And also I meet aliens every day, maybe everyone is an alien! who knows!? all I know is that everyone is crazy, lovely, horrible, incredibly intelligent, really stupid and beautifully weird. I’ve played music for a long time now, some of it good and some of it not very good. As a UK alien my only real goal is to try and capture all those weird and wonderful human traits in my songs and keep the music sincere. I’ve just finished recording my second album, it’s a collaboration with Italian group Roots United and It will be out later this year. If you want more information please visit


PILEK, Amsterdam Noord – Take the free ferry behind Centraal Station to NDSM… Simples!

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